Personal Training: Stay Fit and Healthy with Functional Training

Aren’t you also fed up with spending hours in a fitness studio always focusing on one muscle group? Hours upon hours of training to build up just one muscle? It’s time to end this! With our functional training, you require less time to achieve a better result. My personal training concept will certainly bring you further. Jürgen Klinsmann already used this type of training in his preparation of the German national team for the World Cup 2006. But what does functional training actually mean?

What does functional training even mean?

Functional training is a modern type of training that activates several muscle groups and joints at the same time. In this training program, it is not just one muscle group that is being used, as in the classic training, but several muscles are used at the same time instead. None of our movements are restricted to just one muscle or joint in our daily lives. Therefore, it would not be beneficial to work with just one muscle group in the context of functional training. Physiotherapists have already been using functional therapies on their patients since the 80s. Moreover, functional therapy or core-training, as it also known, is used by the American top athletes.

Who is functional training actually for?

Usually, functional training doesn‘t need to be longer than one hour to activate muscle groups effectively. The warm-up (Prepare + Activate) is already integrated into the training. We recommend a daily amount of movement. Since you are constantly exposed to too little exercise in today’s everyday life or repeat the same movement too often and for too long, it also makes sense to shorten the training session (for example 30 minutes). Then, however, you should perform this unit more regularly during the week. Four times 30 minutes instead of two times 60 minutes per week.

This training form is therefore meant for people, who have little free time (because of work and other reasons) and still want to achieve good results in such short training sessions. It is also aimed at people, who are doing sports but don’t want to waste too much time in a fitness studio. Our special personal training program is also aimed at different age groups.

What can I achieve with functional training?

Primarily the training is aimed at making the body fit to resist the pains that may arise during the day. That is why virtually no machinery is used in this type of training. The aim of the training is to improve and maintain performance, as well as to shorten the recovery period of the body. Special attention is dedicated to the stabilization of the torso and joints, as well as movement optimization. Additionally, functional training greatly contributes to the prevention of injuries. This training serves to develop a special balance and strength developed, which is needed to protect the person from the injuries during and out of the training.

The Benefits of Functional Training
Against the Common Fitness-Training

The functional training offers several advantages compared to the traditional training at a fitness studio. Some them are:

Intensive and Effective Training

Functional training activates several muscle groups, not just one. It is much more about the movement pattern. The training, therefore, requires more effort and sweat. Meanwhile, the only muscles that are active are the ones used in the everyday. This is not possible with machines.

Improvements in Strength, Agility, and Stamina

With our special personal training, you will strengthen your muscles, improve your agility and increase your stamina. Other common training practices will leave out at least one of these aspects. In order to stay fit for every day, one requires all three factors to be included in the training.

Fat Burning Becomes Active

Due to the high intensity of the training, the whole body is challenged. Because of this, more fat will be burned as several muscle groups use more energy than just one muscle group during the exercise. With our special training program, you also gain the benefit of the fat burning even after you finished the training. This happens due to the continued metabolism even after the exercise, which in turn keeps the fat burning. Our training program is aimed best for this.

Training with Variety

Our intensive training program does not lack in variety. The training changes regularly, which keeps the body improving further and further. Unchanged surroundings can stagnate the body and keep it out of success. First and foremost, it is the core muscles of the body that are trained through the varying exercises.

Exercise, Equipment and Training Tools in Functional Training

Among the exercises, there are the traditional movements like Push-ups, pull-ups, step-ups, bridges, squats, and armrests, but also special exercises such as pike-pushes, T-pushes, squat-jumps, reverse-crunches, and burpees. In contrast to the classic muscle training, our personal training rarely uses machinery. We use training tools like dumbbells, medicine balls, sandbags, balance boards, rubber bands, therabands and cable pulleys. We multiply the possibilities of your training with the tools and equipment like PATrigger, PATmat or PATower, which are developed by us. We are able to adjust your program to meet your requirements even better. The exercise involves a lot of standing, this is why the moisture absorption of the floor is crucial. We utilize a special kind of floor, which is used during the Olympic events. The Training is mostly performed barefoot. This, in turn, gives your feet the freedom and the movement required to learn stabilizing your body from bottom to top.

Unique and supported by science – the PAT Concept

We have developed a unique concept for our clients – the PAT Concept. It is comprised of three parts. PAT stands for Prepare, Activate, and Train. With this training concept, you can achieve the optimal training for all muscle groups in your body. But what are the individual steps?


To achieve a good result in training and to minimize the danger of injury, a warm-up is required. Before that, the joints need to be prepared. A joint is a space where two parts of the joint mechanism meet. the less room they have, the more friction is created during the movement. More friction means more wear and more pressure for the bones. With our stretching and massage techniques, this wearing-off of the bone structure can be minimized.


After the preparation phase, the muscles need to be warmed up. The body, therefore, needs authentic incentives. The movements need to be optimized for what the body needs in everyday and sports activity. The warm-up methods used in a common fitness studio are of little use for this. Our warm-up training is very good for the joints and prepares the body for the upcoming training.


In our training, all of the muscle groups that the body uses in the everyday life are activated. Contrary to the training used in a fitness studio, we aren’t training our body only with weights and reps. It is also not just the single muscles that are being trained, but whole groups of muscles. With our diverse exercises, the body receives the variety it needs to build the muscles universally.

Our service offer in the area of functional training

Our service includes something for each age group. We offer small group training, where small groups are actively supervised and trained, as well as personal training one on one. We also have company training, which was designed specifically for firms and companies. In-house teachings, conventions, consultings and personal coachings are also included in our service offer.

1:1 Personal Training

Training alone or with us is the most effective and quick way for you to achieve your goals. Dietary therapy, physiotherapeutic applications, and functional training are included in each training. The amount of emphasis put on each part of the training will be based on our individual training target and on the amount of time available.

Group Training

Because of my background in the military, I know how effective small groups can be. Motivation and ambition are very high in such “combat groups”. The mutual incentive increases the fun factor greatly. A group can consist of two to six people, whether friends, family or colleagues. The only condition, however, is that the set targets don’t differ from each other too much. Working in a group also helps to beat the inner “couch potato” much easier. The group dynamic helps motivate all members of the group and the training itself becomes more fun. Achieving set targets together increases the group dynamic even further.

Corporate Health Management

We offer you a special service for your company or business. Corporate health management is about developing, shaping, and polishing operational processes to arrange the behavior and the organization at the workplace in a way that is beneficial for health. The employees’ workload optimization and personal resource improvement are of high importance for corporate health management. The initial targets are outlined during the first steps of the strategy development. At last, the Three Pillar Model is used for the promotion of health. The Pillars are the person (behavioral prevention), the work (relational prevention), and the system (systematical prevention).

Dietary Consulting

In our special dietary consulting, we give tips and suggestions to tie our training units together with a healthy diet. Conveying the information about the psychology of the diet and biochemical connections in the diet. With our dietary consulting, your eating habits and the awareness of your body, and your overall life quality will improve. We aren’t talking about a diet in a classical sense, but rather about the conscious changes in the dietary habits that will help get the maximum out of our training plan. Since it‘s often the small things deciding the battle, your nourishment in connection to your personal training is, therefore, a decisive factor for your success. That’s why we shall prepare you your nourishing post-workout shake directly after your training session, also “to go”.