The PAT-Method

PAT focuses together on three parts: Prepare, Activate and Train. With this training concept, you can achieve the optimal training of your muscle groups. But what is meant by the individual steps?


To achieve a good training result and to minimize the risk of injury, a good warmup training is a must. Before that, however, the joints must first be prepared.


After the preparation phase,, the muscles must be warmed up. The body needs authentic stimuli for this. The movements that the body needs in everyday life and in sports need to be optimized.


Our special training concept activates all muscle groups used by our bodies in the daily life. We train your body not just with weights and repetition, but with several muscle chains.

StretchMee is a building block of the PAT method and belongs to the Prepare section. With StretchMee we create an active relief, support and an improvement of vitality. But what is meant by stretchMee?

The application time is only 20 minutes so that StretchMee can be perfectly integrated into the workday. For a StretchMee application, you do not have to change or undress because there are no massage creams or oils used and no sports clothes are needed. StretchMee offers an immediate effect. The therapist stretches the patient actively. Through this method, an effect of well-being occurs and the joints are relieved. It serves as injury profiling to prevent imbalances. The overall well-being is improved, the muscle tone is lowered and thus it helps with stress management.